Impact of Good Product Photos and Videos on Online Conversions Amazon Product Photos are essential for ranking on Amazon. If photos are not optimized then Amazon will rank that seller lower than a seller that has everything else equivalent but better pictures. For amazon you need great white background photos, stunning lifestyle images, and great infographics. Great product photos and videos helps organic rank on Amazon and helps with conversions. Poor quality photos equal less conversions.
1.66 billion individuals or 21.2% of the globe’s population buys online; however, this group of potential buyers don’t trust easily. Each day more and more businesses emerge and join others in selling their services online, which means that the market is increasingly getting competitive. Different companies employ different strategies of making their products stand out, and one of these strategies is the use of product videos and photography. 93% percent of online buyers consider visual material as the critical factor influencing buying decisions.
Amazon is crowded with listings and sellers, which gives shoppers a myriad of options for the same item. Shoppers, on the other hand, are visual, and what they see influences what they purchase. If people like what they view, they’ll click, but if not, they will scroll past, and the seller will miss out on a conversion. Amazon recently gave sellers on the platform the option of adding videos to their product listing. Some products have a story to narrate, a story on what makes them unique or stand out. These products require demonstrations to give customers an idea of how they work and be able to understand their benefits adequately.
A photo is equivalent to a thousand words, and a product video could as well be equal to a thousand sales. People also prefer viewing photos and videos to reading about an item online. On online e-commerce sites like Amazon, viewers want to see representations of what they are about to purchase, and even better a video of how the product works. With 64-85% of viewers more likely to click on an item after viewing a video or the product photo, this is a marketing tool that sellers cannot ignore. For the best Product Photographers see our recommendations. At Product Photo our mission is our motto: to provide clients with superior and affordable product photography. Whether you’re a small start-up or a Fortune 500 Company, we’re invested in making your Business Look its Best with our product photography services.
Whether you’re a brand selling on Amazon or a direct-to-consumer website, the best way to story tell your product and convey its value in an emotional way is through premium imagery. We strive to help growing and established companies leave a footprint in their industry. Quality is our top of mind ingredient when working with our clients to create dynamic and compelling imagery for their brand.
Get better conversions with high quality product photos and videos.


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