Amazon Attribution
Amazon is at it again. This year has been filled with many different changes. Whether that is algorithms, new advertising strategies and tools, or updating previous tools and features, we believe Amazon Attribution could be the most exciting for any Amazon marketer or seller. What Amazon is now allowing for us to do is track off-Amazon advertising success. (ei. Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc)
Why this is HUGE? First and foremost, you now can get a true understanding of your return on advertising. A recent study showed that a large percentage of Amazon sellers have some source of thirdparty marketing. The most popular of these formats included Facebook/Instagram ads, and Google Adwords. Without Amazon Attribution, understanding what return you were getting was VERY difficult, in most cases impossible. Now, this new feature allows for a large amount of testing and optimizing. This allows marketers to deep dive into their successful targets faster and more efficiently.
How difficult is to use? If you have experience in marketing/advertising, you should not have a lot of issues understanding basic concepts. However, for most Amazon sellers this could be strenuous or laborious learning this new feature. The platform is easy to set up (once invited) and it walks you through how to create your first “Order”. The order will provide you with a new landing page that will track your clicks/ conversions/ etc.
Just in case you have any struggle, here is a step by step approach to create your first order.
1. It will ask you to choose an entity, be sure to choose “Attribution: Store Name”
2. You will need to create an advertiser if you haven’t done so already. If your doing this in-house this is as easy as creating with your store name.
3. Select your advertiser (From Step 2)
4. Select “New Order”
5. Select the product(s) to advertise and give your order a name. A good naming convention could be very important if you’re like me and have already set up hundreds. Then select “Continue to line item”
6. On the next step it will have you do a couple things. First select line item name. Again, a naming convention could come in handy. Second, select your publisher. This is the off-Amazon site you will be publishing your ad such as Facebook or Instagram. Lastly, you will need to enter your click-through URL. This is the destination URL you are looking to drive the traffic to.
From here Amazon will provide you a return URL that you will place with the off-Amazon source.
How are we using it? The biggest ways we are using it is by MASS DATA TESTING! We are spending in areas such as Google Ad-words, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and dialing in to find the best target markets/ keywords, etc.
For example, on our search term campaign with Google ad-words, we have everyone of our 1,000 keywords tracked with its own attribution. You can do this with the Google file upload under the “Bulk Operations” section. What then this is allowing us to find is top converting keywords. Also, you can do the exact same approach for different target markets. This works whether your talking about Google or Facebook. For our Facebook ads we are testing between 5-10 target audiences. They all have some similarity but with some differences. This allows us to drill down into the most profitable audiences. Of course, once you find what is working, keep this audience and test MORE.
With this new tool from Amazon, if you are doing your own marketing, your work will never be finished. You will always have more tweaks, more test, and more sales to drive to your Amazon store waiting for you.


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